There are things in life that you wish you had said and things you wish you had done.,but when you wait for something to happen and  you wish you had done some other stuff you feel relieved and you say thank God I didnt do it cause you realise the “thing” you were hopelessely waiting for was not worth waiting even though they taught you the feeling of love and even mentioning their name you would shake like a leaf on windy days …

There are moments and there are memories we can’t let go of simply because we are too afraid to close that door and we think that if we let it go our lives will be over but when you second guess it you come to an end you come to a final thought that made you are not letting yourself breathe enough to let go the “thing” that is suffocating you and maybe there is someone who is waiting to fix all your broken pieces and complete you ,be with you ,heal the holes inside of you.

So ,maybe just maybe you should let yourself breathe take a step back okay people change even though memories don’t, people break their promises people forget what they said poeple forget you ,and most importantly some people know how to let go when its time and some others just like me hold on to memories so tightly and they don’t change they just waited so long for something and they are slowly learning how to let go…

" a moment its enough to forget a lifetime but sometimes a lifetime isn’t enough to forget a moment"image

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Sometimes I wake up and I look at her and I’m like, ‘Wow!’.

beautiful  <3

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no on calls demetria woman duhhh

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